The Present Path...

    I feel there is a passage to knowledge about ourselves through the exploration of one’s own art, dreams and the unconscious. The psyche holds a whole other realm to explore, while also trying to satiate a wanderlust for the physical world. The creation of art uniquely helps to anchor and bridge these two worlds, as well as rejuvenate mind, body, and soul.  

     Intriguingly, my photography is rooted in the real world, while my illustrations delve in to the imagination. As such, my favourite mediums are wanderlust photography full of rich landscapes, urban architectural details and inklings of the inherent past, as well as soft and dreamy watercolour illustrations full of whimsical animals and creatures reminiscent of children's storybooks and inner journeys. Travel photography is prominent for me currently because such places evoke all manner of feelings when witnessing Mother Earth's stunning beauty and deeply historical places. I wish to capture moments or scenes as I see and experience them on my travel adventures, and to embody the vibrant colours inherent in nature and narratives, real or imaginary. Ultimately, through my photography and art, I truly wish to inspire such feelings and flights of fancy within others through colour, dreams of wanderlust and nature, and bring whimsy and richness to people’s lives.

The Journey Up Until Now...

     My heart has always belonged to art and story, even as a wee thing daydreaming, dancing, writing imaginative tales, drawing fanciful unipegs and mermaids, and casually (and ironically) photographing my world in the moment. Evolving from this creative exploration and curious journey, my creations are often given life from my dreams and imagination, from fairy tales and mythology, and the mystical and emotive elements of the world and nature. A love for animals and nature developed from a blissful early childhood spent growing up on a hobby farm in the country before being ripped away to live in the city. Nevertheless, a deep-seated wanderlust arose and was fiercely ignited by my first trip abroad to Italy and Spain in my early teens. My eyes were opened to this big, beautiful world we live in full of lush landscapes, rich histories, soul-inspiring art and artifacts, and such vibrant cultures. 

    From all of these layered discoveries, my work eventually came to reflect a layering of the human figure with nature or architecture together in surreal and ethereal compositions back in the days of developing photographs from negatives (some of which may be seen here shortly). I discovered, late in the game, while at the Ontario College of Art and Design (now OCAD University) in Toronto where I obtained a Fine Arts degree, that I had a passion and unique style for photography, as well as watercolours. Previously, I used acrylics in layered washes for a softer, flowing ethereal look and feel. Watercolours resonate more deeply with those fond memories of growing up on the farm and capturing that sense of innocence, rich imagination and wonderment that childhood holds. A love of story and their fantastical worlds and creatures, for me, can be more readily brought to life with the flowing, whimsical nature watercolours evoke...and the inner child is free to explore and quest!  

    At the same time during those later university years, one special professor opened my eyes to Carl Jung and the work he did with dreams, art, and the unconscious. She went on to mentor me through self-directed studies examining and painting a series of work based on my dreams and another set on various world folklore and fairy tale narratives. I fell in love with the depths of symbols, archetypes, imagination, and tales of the collective unconscious. Connecting with art and Jungian Psychology this way led me to pursue a Graduate Art Therapy degree and become an Art Psychotherapist. I practiced for 7 years until stepping back due to physical illness to once again focus on photography and illustration. And though I deeply miss working with some of the most endearing children and young adults I've had the honour to get to truly know, helping to guide them through healing life's greatest challenges, I welcome the sheer joy, peace and wonderment that my own art brings back into my life!
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