Panorama art photography of Edinburgh Castle, Scotland and brooding sky. Click for IP Rights and licensing.

Edinburgh Castle: Might and Mystery || Edinburgh, Scotland
     Panorama art photography of Edinburgh Castle. This massive fort sits at the top of the Royal Mile on a rocky hilltop and has provided a magnificent lay of the Scottish landscape for centuries. It has seen several wars and battles, kings and queens born and die here, and Scotland's own Stone of Destiny. Whomever holds the castle, holds the kingdom!
Autumn Scottish Highlands landscape photography of Eilean Donan Castle. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

Autumn's Vibrant Touch Comes to Eilean Donan Castle || Inverness-shire, Scotland

     The epic Eilean Donan Castle and its enchanting seascape photography lovers' vista all decked out in fall colours. The setting sun makes the castle appear shadowy and brooding. Full of hundreds of years of history, sunset's light works its magic around it...simply spellbinding!

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Blue sailboat art and Scottish landscape during sunset. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

True Blue Scottish Sunset || Fort William, Scotland

     Nautical sailboats and Scottish Highlands art at sunset. The colours of the Scottish flag really make the most stunning appearance across the loch and landscape at dusk when wandering through gorgeous Glencoe. You'll not likely experience such a vibrant blue hour anywhere else in the world. Thank you Scotland!

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Scotland autumn landscape, peaceful lake life with stone bridge. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

The Bridge to Inveraray || Argyll, Scotland

     Lake life surrounding Loch Fyne situated in the beautiful autumn landscape in the Scottish Highlands. The Aray Bridge and the ancient military road lead to the idyllic little town or Royal Burgh of Inveraray, Scotland. 

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Outlander Scottish Highlands monument amid misty morning mountains sunrise. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

Emerging from the Morning Mist || Highlands, Scotland

     The ghostly Glenfinnan Monument unveiling itself from the misty mountain scene. Imagine bearing witness to Bonnie Prince Charlie's landing on the very shore just beyond and seeing the Jacobite clansmen arise from the fog to rally to win their country back. A powerful moment about the tragic, but brave past it honours, and reimagined in Diana Gabaldon's beloved Outlander novels.

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World traveler art of hedge path to Scottish castle. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

Crathes Castle: A View from the Gardens || Aberdeenshire, Scotland

     World traveler art of Crathes Castle and the yew hedge garden path leading up to the tower house. The land the castle sits on was given by Robert the Bruce to the original noble family in the 1300s. It is also said that several ghosts took up residence over the centuries as well.

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Stag sculpture art monument detail with Edinburgh gothic church. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

Noble and Proud || Edinburgh, Scotland

     This detail of a stag sculpture holds a coat of arms or shield and guards the statue of the 5th Duke of Buccleuch, Walter Scott. St. Giles Cathedral's arches and stained glass stand as a dreamy, moody backdrop. Stags or deer are an iconic animal depicted throughout Scottish lore.

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Landscape Ireland fairy woods photography of old stone tower. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

The Round Tower || County Wicklow, Ireland

     Step in to once upon a time to behold the iconic stone tower at the monastic city of Glendalough, as if taken out of the fairytale, Rapunzel. Set amidst a fairytale landscape, the Round Tower stands at one of the most important early Christian sites. Such towers were likely created to draw pilgrims and act as refuge from Vikings. 

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Dark antique wooden ladder library art for book worms. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

Higher Learning || Dublin, Ireland

     A fine art travel photography detail of an upper alcove of the Long Room Library at Trinity College. There is a wonderful smell of  aged paper, a colourful floor to ceiling mosaic of spines and a feeling of warmth from sunlight streaming in from each arched nook. A book worm's haven, complete with an antique wood library ladder. 

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Wrought iron stairs and antique book lover wall art. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

Ever Higher Learning || Dublin, Ireland

     A book lover's paradise of 16th century library decor with floor to ceiling bookshelves full of rare books and romantic wrought iron stairs within the Trinity College Library. Warm neutrals from fancy book spines that catch one's eye, organic circles and decorative swirls create an atmosphere of wisdom and solitude.

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Wander the peaceful ancient white pillared courtyard travel photography. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

Tranquility || County Kerry, Ireland

     Travel art photography taken on an exploration through the ruins of Muckross Abbey in Killarney. For wanderers at heart, this is peaceful and serene moment of awe standing where ancient monks once walked among the ancient Irish architecture. The white stone arch walls and pillars of this courtyard path have born their age well.

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Horse photography of Rome Italy fountain equine art sculpture. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

Striving Through || Rome, Italy

     Stone equine art horse photography from the Fountain of the Four Rivers. The stallion here may be a wonderful metaphor of the determination or strength of spirit and push we need to strive through any challenge. 

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Black and white floral geometric Venice travel street photography. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

Venice Architectural Detail || Venice, Italy

     Black and white travel art photography of a floral geometric art detail on the Santa Maria della Pieta church near the Doge's Palace. The architect's subtle spiral design creates a decorative element. 

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Italy art photography of St Marks Domes and red architecture. Click for IP Rights and licensing.

The Domes of Venice || Venice, Italy

     Italy art photography of a few of the five Byzantine domes of St. Mark's Basilica and the colorful architecture of the urban landscape beyond. An artistic aerial view of the lovely old world terracotta roofs and all of the colour and warmth of Venice.

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Decorative rusted wrought iron lion gate St Marks Belltower. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

St Mark's Belltower Ironwork Gate || Venice, Italy

     A detail of a decorative rusted iron gate at the top of the Campanile di San Marco in the lofty heights overlooking Venice. St. Mark's symbol of the Winged Lion holding a bible is the symbol of the city of Venice.

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Venice Italy blue and gold zodiac clock art photography. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

Torre dell'Orologio: St. Mark's Clock Tower || Venice, Italy

     Venice photography close-up of St Mark's astrological clock. This immense timepiece keeps perfect time day to day while also tracking the phases of the sun and moon, as well as the month with the signs of the zodiac. Such a strikingly vivid azure blue on the zodiac clock makes the golden characters pop.

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Romantic Italy Venice canal art with colourful boats wall print. Click for IP Rights and licensing.

A Walk Among the Venice Canals || Venice, Italy

     Colourful Venice canal art of a romantic Italy side street complete with pretty little canal boats. These vibrant passages lure you in for further exploration and wandering! From the warm sunshine, rainbow coloured architecture to the pretty little window shutters and arched canal bridges, each give this special place so much charm and a feeling so full of life.

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Overlooking Florence and the Ponte Vecchio travel adventure print. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

The Colours of Florence || Florence, Italy

     Stunning pastel architecture of Florence's cityscape surrounding the Ponte Vecchio and the Arno River. Spring in this beautiful Italian landscape with its bright citrus colours, pretty cafes and gelato shops, delicious paninis for strolls through the bustling cobbled streets, and not to forget, the gorgeous Renaissance art everywhere are all the extra-special charms enjoyed in this magical city.

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Mint art photography seascape wall print of Venice Italy islands. Click for IP Rights and licensing.

Venice View of San Giorgio Maggiore || Venice, Italy

     A breathtaking Venice art photography seascape of San Giorgio Maggiore across from St. Mark's basin. The Mediterranean sun and the teal blue waters make the islands of Venice like no place else on earth, full of ancient history, architecture and intricate waterways.

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Cathedral antique lion head door knocker art photography. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

Majesty and Symbolism ||  Cologne, Germany

     The antique lion's head door knocker and the winged angel doorknob detail some of the most beautiful parts about the  majestic doors to the immense Cologne Cathedral. The gothic cathedral was built over centuries between 1248-1880 AD.

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Rustic wooden row boats with nautical life rings photo. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

Lazy Day on Lake Windermere || Lake District, England

     Peaceful nautical lake art of lovely rustic wooden row boats and old fashioned life rings. Set amidst the shores of peaceful Lake Windermere in the picturesque Lake District. A perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon by the water in an idyllic village.

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Billowing clouds and druids pagan Stonehenge England art photography. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

A Sign Among the Stones || Amesbury, United Kingdom

     The mystical Stonehenge, built by the druids and one of the medieval wonders of the world, is immense and breathtaking to behold. These ancient standing stones are thought to be built around 3000 BC on the already ancient ceremonial and spiritual burial site from as early as 8500 BC. The stones align with the sun at the Midsummer and Midwinter Solstices, and is the last linteled standing stone circle. 

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Wrought iron and stone gate Tudor roses London photography. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

Royal Gates to St. James Park (Detail) || London, England

     A close-up of some of the the beautiful details in the romantic Marlborough Gates that lead in to St. James Park, the oldest royal park in London. The park was created by Henry VIII to hunt in, and so, stands along The Mall across from Buckingham Palace. 

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Gold winged angel statue against blue skies UK wall prints. Click for IP Rights and licensing.

Victory || London, England

    Atop the Queen Victoria Memorial outside Buckingham Palace stands the stunning golden angel statue art of Winged Victory. The expanse and freedom of the lyrical sky welcomes this beautiful lady with angel wings ready to take flight should she desire. She is supportively grounded by Constancy and Courage.

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Swiss Alps gothic chapel mountain travel adventure art print. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

In the Solitude Between Heaven and Earth || Lucerne, Switzerland

     Travel adventure art of the Klimsenhorn Chapel, a sweet little Neo-Gothic chapel that sits out on an arm of the Swiss Alps, near the top of Mt. Pilatus. It is a marvel that has weathered the heights and time and majestically overlooks an astounding view of the land. The mountain is steeped in legends and folklore, which is entirely believable after braving it to the top in the world's steepest cogwheel railway.
Colourful Alps mountain landscape photography wanderlust wall art print. Click for IP Rights and licensing info.

Swiss Alps || Lucerne, Switzerland

     Awe-inspiring mountain photography capturing a view out over the Swiss Alps mountain tops as seen from Mt. Pilatus on a bright, spring day. Switzerland is a magical place where the mountains, like giants, wrap their comforting arms around you and make you wish you could stay to explore more.

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Lakeside Swiss village on vivid green mountain landscape wall print. Click for IP Rights and licensing.

Little Swiss Village Overlooking Lake Lucerne || Kehrsiten, Switzerland

     A mountain landscape of a pretty little village on Lake Lucerne. Set where the shore meets the lush green slopes of the Alps, the water is a gorgeous emerald colour, and cute cows and sheep graze the hillside pastures. It's a seriously charming country amongst all the vibrant lakes and mountains, water and earth in harmony!

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