Whimsical art of cute mouse family baking Yule treats. © 2009 Amy Cater

Baking Holiday Cookies

The holidays wouldn't be complete without making cookies and hanging festive garlands with loved ones, especially in the Mouse home!  

Available as surface design fabrics, wallpaper and wrapping paper here in my Spoonflower Shop

A fun repeat pattern with added elements is also available!

Cute mouse's handmade gift for Yuletide Mouse watercolour illustration. © 2009 Amy Cater

A Gift for the Yuletide Mouse

A cute mouse who stayed up all night to give the Yuletide Mouse a very special homemade gift made with love. Isn't he the sweetest and most thoughtful little guy! 
Available as surface design fabrics, wallpaper and wrapping paper here in my Spoonflower Shop
A cute repeat pattern with added elements is also available!
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