Wildlife photography of soaring bald eagle amidst blue sky

Soaring || Warwickshire, England

     Wildlife photography of a magnificent bald eagle soaring across the beautiful blue sky. Always a favourite of the birds of prey, and the expanse of her wings are certainly breathtaking in flight.

Bird photography wildlife art of huge eagle in flight

Descent || Warwickshire, England

     Bird photography of a huge eagle, the Stellar's sea eagle, coming in for an impressive landing. This raptor is apparently the largest of all the sea eagles in the world and the heaviest of all eagles. She is a massive beauty, and a treat for any bird watcher! Power, presence and a work of nature's art!

Forest green wall art of large owl in a tree

Resting || Warwickshire, England

     Bird artwork of a magnificent owl in a tree, the Verreaux's Eagle Owl or Giant Eagle Owl. It is the largest African owl, and what a colossal sight he is, even when taking a moment's rest among the immeasurably mighty tree.

Marine life wildlife photography art of basking harbour seals

Taking Up Residence in Kenmare Bay || County Kerry, Ireland

     Animal nature art photography of Irish marine life's coastal flora and fauna. These loveable harbour seals from the Inveragh and Beara Peninsulas were basking in the last remaining sun of the day amongst the rich, earthy textures of the seaweed and rocks all around them. 

Forest baby animal photography of curious fawn art prints

Young Fawn in the Afternoon Sun || Ontario, Canada

    Animal photography of a sweet and endearing little deer that came for visit in the garden of a serene lake house surrounded by nature. There is nothing more joyful than getting a special drop-in with curious forest baby animal friends!

Bright green leaf with sunning orange butterfly wall print Canada

Sunning || Ontario, Canada

     Wildlife art photography of an Eastern Comma butterfly. These little ones are often timid, and if they don't fly away on you, they close their wings so that you can't catch a glimpse of their brilliant orange wings. Thankfully this one decided to take in the afternoon sun instead.

Victorian stone post leads down garden hedge landscape pathway

Beyond the Garden Path || Aberdeenshire, Scotland

     Garden art of a pretty Scottish garden hedge landscape path. The great walled Crathes Castle Gardens are complete with aged ornamental garden posts, vibrant botanicals, and colourful autumn leaves in the fall. The trail ventures off among the shaded yew hedges and topiary, and is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland when she first meets the White Rabbit.

Floral wall art of colourful blooming lavender field rows

Lavender Field || Ontario, Canada

     A floral art closeup of vibrant blooming row upon row of a lavender field. This lush and gorgeous lavender farm is filled with a great, big field buzzing with bees and butterflies of all shapes and sizes in the summer. The scent is heavenly!

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